Another Example of Occupy’s Need for Change Regarding Women

by 5050whatoccupyowestowomen

URGENT: Prevent US Phila-NY Gathering/March from Same Mistake Tahrir Sq

Sent to the Planners email address, with many others cc.
No response was ever received.
Why is US Occupy in Philadelphia and New York, with the whole World at Stake,
Making the same mistakes made by the so far dangerously failed Revolution of Tahrir Square?
It’s Overdue Time to Transform it to the Real R-evolution Instead:
“Women are now being marginalized not just by the SCAF ( the transitional military council ruling Egypt) or by the Muslim Brotherhood, but by the patriarchal mindset of our society,” says Dalia Ziada”
“the discourse of the political classes and the infrastructure of the elites, including both state and private media, continues to privilege discussions” But even this article from Occupy makes no mention of gender.Will America also have that kind of failed Revolution, (and lack of evolution) or will America, and the world watching America, join the Real R-evolution, revealed in the attached picture and sound files of our Occupation of the fourth branch of government, Big Brother Media which has been retarding progress in the other three branches, symbolized on July 4th at the offices of CBS in Washington DC, with a sacred pots and pans announcement, and more pots and pans to save the real branches of government, the female and male branches of the Tree of Love and Live, also available from, and in the Declarations at Eldridge Cleaver made famous decades ago, “If you’re not part of the solution, your part of the problem”. Nothing could be truer of the need for the reempowerment of women and minorities as full partners in community and decision-making, in representation. The events in Philly pertaining to women’s representation which also protects minorities) were dangerously dilute and incompletely developed. They revealed more of the problem there in Philadelphia, than offering solution. But others in other cities of Occupy, and other democracy and women’s movements had your back, and made true R-evolutionary Declarations for July 4 and all months and days. You can join the real R-evolution in radio broadcasts and global teleconference calls. (see below)Left in the hands that planned the Occupy Movements events on the ground in Philadelphia, watching Americans and the world watching America must realize that this group of gathering planners people learned absolutely nothing from the events of a failed revolution in Egypt.  It is time for a big wake up call to the drifting Occupy Movement in the United States, and especially the ones who planned the events in Philadelphia and are conducting its March back to New York, on the female gender as equally important as the male.
If they can’t wake up now, before allowing Americans to face elections and media almost as gender failed as the ones held in Egypt, and focus as revolutionaries befitting a July 4th, on declaring free fair elections that bring 50-50 office to the  51%, women, and insuring the representation of minorities,  they are intentionally or not,  turning over America’s future to Big Brother, just as surely as Egypt’s ultimately female-compromising “Revolution” was turned over to patriarchal despots. Egyptian women themselves worked very hard for the Revolution,  but they accepted a far too low initial quota for representation, with little partnership support from men, and then even that small quota was totally erased. Are you sure that is what you want to settle for? Because there is no doubt about it, another round of patriarchy in the US,  (a far more military-industrial entity than Egypt) instead of gender balance, will destroy more than just one country, like Egypt. It will destroy the Planet Earth.It is like the weights on a scale. The abdication of responsibility to equally empowering and weighing the female 51%, especially in the coverage of the 4th branch of government, the Media, which was supposed to be run by all the people, female and male, results and tips the scales to domination in all the other three branches of government, and the abandonment, subjugation, impoverishment and ultimately, extreme environmental endangerment of the 99%, the 51% female and the 48% male on every derivative policy issue, (in fact, the 100%, for even Big Brother will die in the catastrophic events his rule will bring to the Planet Earth.)Several brave, globally and sacredly informed women developed truly R-evolutionary Declarations that were offered in advance of the Gathering, made available to the Planners of the Gathering and could have been discussed and adopted by the Occupy Movement on the ground in Philadelphia. These Declarations were read the Feminist Generaly Assembly to a large group of both women and men, but were amazingly never read at the General Assembly at the Gathering, and thus actually suppressed from any real active, timely attention, by the planners of Occupy on the ground in Philadelphia.  Also, not just a few, of those NOT in the official gathering planning group, but offering input to it, realized and communicated the need for the gathering to focus on the male corporate dominated conglomerated media, many of the companies which have headquarters in Philadelphia, see our list of Big Brothers at including their office addresses, for their failure to tell the stories of publically funded elections and equal office for women that have occurred successfully in many countries around the world, but not in the United States. This input has so far been ignored by the Planners of the Gatherings in Philadelphia. Will it continued be ignored in the March from Philadelphia to New York?The United States, already ranked a low 50% in 2000, now ranks 78th in the world in representation of women, 91st if you count ties,  has less women in office than Afghanistan, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates, even though many studies have shown critical mass  numbers of women in office prevents corruption, protects all human rights, and protects peace and the environment. Full representation of women brings forth a more egalitarian element of men. Women in the US are especially impeded from and disinclined for running for office, because the elections, as designed by generations of men who default to the most dominant in the male hierarchy,  require huge amounts of fund-raising, which only benefits male dominator media CEOs and no one else. Only 6% of media stories deal with equality for women, and almost none with a reality check comparing the gender and election funding situation in the US compared to other kinder nations. 65 nations have publically funded elections including free access to the media for all candidates,
another fact that Big Brother media has been willfully censoring from the American public, which is being led by the media like cattle to the slaughter, to accept a pseudoelection that will destroy the Earth.Yet, truly R-evolutionary Declarations fit for a really New Millennial July 4th, and the common sense recommendation of a sacred casserole, pots and pans protest on the Big Media offices in Philadelphia, that were repeatedly offered to all the planners in Philadelphia, were ignored without even the courtesy of response, in favor of, as far as we could tell from the schedule, an action for the 13% about aids, and an action in defense of one jailed protester. The female 51%, the fulcrum to protect the the 99%, indeed, therefore, the 100% were ignored and suppressed from active attention during the Gathering, even by the women, on the ground in Philadelphia, with the exception of the Feminist General Assembly which was separate and not equal with the Community Assemblies. Throughout the entire proceedings, not even one protest sign was made that protests America ranking 78th/91st in representation of women, not even by any of the women at the event. Will the current March to New York also fail to carry those signs, and will they also fail any stop off action along the way to protest Big Brother media, and action on Media when it returns to New York?

The fact that someone has noticed that the Occupy Movement has a woman problem is not new.

But it is in accepting and resigning themselves to this problem without fixing it throughout Occupy, and not focussing on the problem that exists in the larger society clearly enough, especially regarding the need for 50-50 in government and media,  that women perpetuated the problem, and inadvertently delayed a real R-evolution, even on the ground in Philadellphia on July 4th, which nevertheless has now begun, in other cities. We did communicate the Women’s and Gender Balance Declarations by phone to several women in Philadelphia on July 4th. So in a sense, they did find presence even in Philadelphia on July 4th, despite the planners’ sins of ommission.
The neglect of this fulcrum issue, that is the root of all issues, from banksterism/foreclosures  to militarism to inferrior healthcare,  to Big Oil, nuclear proliferation, and even the right to protest instead of have arrests and fascism, and so on, has been neglected. Instead every derivative issue has received action, like a blind man who can only see parts of the Elephant but doesn’t understand they are all connected. But the anthropological source issue that connects all issues, the real Elephant in the Living Room, imbedded patriarchy and gender hierarchy, has been mostly ignored.The name Philadelphia means Love (phileo in Greek) of the Sisters (Adelphe) and Brothers Adolphos). So, why did the Philadelphia gathering give such a pass on Big Brother Media, (many headquartered in Philly) which destroys any Sisterhood and true Brotherhood,  and promotes lesser of two, both very evil, elections, both? Will the March, and the return to New York, where most of the media have major offices, continue in the same patriarchy-induced denial mode?
Visioning would seem to have been more appropriate at the outset of the movement (and a wise men from Trenton and California Occupies have already recommend men in Occupy act like gentle men and “sit down so she can stand up” and the work of the Partnership Way, available since the 1970’s), rather than the belated focus on Visioning on July 4th, which is meant to be a day of true R-evolutionary Declaration and Action, and was expected by many to be a day of Culmination of Visions and Declarations befitting a New Millennium (and it was, as the attached files reveal, but why did we have to do it without any conjoint action from Philadelphia?) If the Visioning did succeed, it would result NOW on a renewed focus on empowering women, and gender partnership, to avoid the whole host of derivative evils that both Egypt and America have been protesting, without seeming to realize it is imbedded habitual patriarchy that is producing them.
 Will these Declarations of real women-reempowering/gender balanced R-evolution be reflected in the signs the Marchers carry and the actions they take on the March to New York, and in New York, which also must become a city that Loves the Sisters as well as the Brothers, as a central, essential theme. Will your signs say, “America should be the leader of gender 50-50, not the loser of rank 78th/91st. We Declare Gender Interdependence and Equal Female/Male Representation” Or will the American  “Revolution” of the Occupy Movement planners of Philadelphia and New York suffer the same fate of Egypt, (where brave women and men, and the 51% who did not vote in the pseudoelection) are still trying to reclaim a real revolution, that protects their and everyone’s representation, including in Egyptian Media.
Will the Occupy Movement, devoid of an overdue gender balance vision and any coherent protest on the Corporate Patriarchal Media, result in another world-endangering phony mostly male election, sold by and to the Media, and  “choice” between the “lesser of two evils” both of which are really the same evil, an unevolved default to (even passive acceptance) of habitual male preference in the functioning of media and government, instead of a focus on gender partnership? That’s what caused the failure in Egypt. It is currently causing the same failure in America, unless Occupy in Philadelphia and New York does something fully conscientious and intention to turn this around.
We believe women’s full restorative representation/gender partnership is the Sacred Key to true Sisterhood and true Brotherhood all over Earth, and now, the only way to avoid Big Brother’s destruction of the Earth.  We question the priorities of the planners of the Philadelphia Gathering for not giving it the uppermost overdue priority it deserved. If Occupy does better on the March to New York that connects it with Philadelphia, and it can still bring Sisterhood and Brotherhood to both and all cities.
The Marchers can even call from their cell phones into media offices, pick up some pots and pans along the way and when they reach New York, and make the sound of pots and pans being beaten over the phone, and say that famous like from Network, “I’m fed up and I won’t take it anymore”, and say, “We want the media to report on gender balanced free elections occurring all over the Planet and call for the resignation of your CEO.”, and hold a protest at every media office en route to New York, and in New York and Philadelphia both.  If not, it should stop pretending, and face the fact that Occupy’s planners gender practices and lack of true visioning, including passive self-cooptation of the women themslves to avoid the issue of real representation, are literally causing a huge swath of Occupy to inadvertently encourage Planet Endangering Big Brother. We are encouraging women and fair men around the country and world to call into media phone lines, locally and at Big Media headquarters, and clatter pots and pans from their kitchens, and from the trees of life in their yards.If you agree with the Real R-evolutionaryes, that women’s representation, full voice and gender balance is the central essentiall core of a sustainable R-evolution, please contact us, whether you are female or male. Post this good information to your websites and blogs now, and send us an email of Solidarity.We have many events planned that involve women and men in the US and all around the world, with some from the Occupy Movement, but also many women’s and democracy activists not yet directly connected with Occupy, and the Real R-evolution, which has started on July 4th, though outside of the official Philadelphia, awaits your assistance.

In true Sisterhood and Brotherhood,

Rajchelle OneFamily Miller, Ph.D.and Many Others, female and male, in and outside the United States