An Example Of the Occupy’s Need For Change Regarding Women

by 5050whatoccupyowestowomen

URGENT Time Sensitive: Occupy WallStreet South Press/Sins of Ommission Perpetuating Sexism at DNC

 Sent to,,, and never received any email response whatsoever

Dear  All Who Who Are Participating in Occupy Wall Street South:I want to draw your attention to an URGENT MATTER affecting occupywallstsouth activities Right Now, which I am prepared to make a public discussion on the Internet and with all including international occupys and other interested stakeholders if I do not hear from you about this immediately. I sent the following message (see text of original below, which has many facts Central to Effectively Protesting the Conventions) under the Subject Heading
URGENT Time Sensitive: What About Women? Press: Cannot Protect the 99% without Representing the 51%
to and on September 3 around 9:00 in the morning. I also called and left a message at both the main number  704-266-0362 and at Press 919-604-8167, which is Ben Carroll’s number. Ben Carroll eventually got back to me in a few hours, (I never heard from the main number at all) and I discussed the importance of these issues with him, and asked him to forward the email to the Planners who would be responsible, and the websitemanager, for urgent response. I asked him to include the issues about women’s 5050 representation, paid and unpaid labor, the lack of substantive family leave affectiing both women and men,  and the continued use of the GDP instead ot the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) and other facts specified below in what he says to the press.  He told me he had no aurthority to deal with this, but would forward the email to people who did. I asked him to either get back to me or have them get back to me urgently. He told me in the meantime to check the Call to Action, which does include women, and he told me that women were involved in planning the events.I checked the Call to Action, and saw it says “We want to see justice and equality for Black, Native, Latina/o peoples, for women and for LGBTQ peoples.” I called back and told him the Call to Action is itself sexist, and is undersestimating the importance of highlighting women’s situation to the success of Occupy, which to be a true Revolution must include a change in consciousness that must include pervasive gender realities. Women are 51% of the population, half of Black, Native, Latina/o peoples, and LGBTQ peoples. If Occupy WallstSouth  wants to see justice and equality for all people, it should be listing the largest underrepresented group, Women, first, and Capitalize it, the way you did all the others, or you are giving off subliminal signals of and perpetuating sexism.The text to the poster on the NY http://www.occupywallst.orgwebsite about the occupywallstsouth protest is even more partriarchal, and totally unaware that is is being so,  (read below). I am taking this issue up with them too, as it is central to dealings with this entire issue for occupy in this period between the Conventions, Labor Day and the lead up to the September 17th activities.After talking to Ben, I again explored the occupywallstsouth website again.  The only woman prominently displayed in the Why We March videos  talks about Corporate global warming, but has not connected that this issue is tied to the central issue discussed below,  of women’s representation , that is also at the core of all Corporate Patriarchy, which
is using the wrong economic paradigms and urgently endangering all balances on Earth.

I called Ben back and told him again that the website and likely his statements to to the press are doing disservice to women and their most serious representation and labor sitution (see below), and impairing the overall impact for change of OccupyWallStSouth . I also sent emails to Zaina Alsous, 919-757-1031, Yen Alcala, 714-727-8129,, and discussed the situation with them briefly. I have not heard back from anyone since. I left a message with Ben saying that if I did not hear from him yesterday, I would be drawing attention to it to many others.

Joseph Biden’s biggest donor, Mastercard, has bankrupted even more millions of American women than men. You should focus attention to this during his nomination process. and  before and during their Nomination process, holding both Obama and Biden accountable to 5050 representation for women instead of the profoundly regressed situation described below, which the Occupy Movement, except for FemGas,  has been torally ignoring. Women are the Democrats (really Dempublicans) largest voting group. Are your going utilize the information below to the most dramatically impact the Democrat Dempublican enablers during their Convention and Nomination,  or are you going to miss the opportunity fo a lifetime to enact real REvolution?

Bell Hooks, a famous Canadian woman sociologist and feminist, wrote “Patriarchy has no gender”.  Both men and women can become enmeshed in perpetuating patraichy, without even realizing they are doing so.

I believe this issue is absolutely central to your success as OccupySouth  and that of the Occupy Movement.

Again I am requesting and urging that the march leaders,  website maintainer and press get back to me immediately asap today. Please read the rest of the original email carefully and forward it to as many people as you can. I and other progressive media will be communicating about this and reporting on this later today and tomorrow. We Want To Help You Hold Dempublicans feet to the fire with their largest voting group: Women. Please let us help you before you miss the greatest opportunity to fulfill your own goals about the oppressed. Your website will be there after the DNC ends. It must not be a
permanent contributor to underlying sexism and patriarchy, that is so pervasive you do not even realize what is it preventing you from seeing. IT MUST BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

Please call me immediately to discuss this.
Rajchelle OneFamily Miller


Here is the text of the original message:

I am a member of the Internet Press: I have a radio show , and may soon be interviewed by Amy Goodman  (and other  progressive journalists)  on the topic of women. the “election” and the REvolution, and actively communicate with women and men journalists who are covering women’s issues. I also am active with many women who have participated in the Wall St Movement, many who have blogged about the failure of the intended Revolution to include and focus prominently on women’s issues, not as a last or missing, but a first and essential priority.

I and others are very upset that your publicized activities at DNC thus far have been ommitting a most important matter: the total situation of women in the US.

I am attaching pictures which can be the basis of signs and themes you MUST prominently display in all your activities at the DNC tobor Day and all your activities henceforth, including what is on your website. what is photographed and videoed and what you say to the press,  or in the famous words, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” (We will discuss this with progressive press if you do not immediately include the following):

These Signs and Themes Are:

Gender Parity Now/ 5050 Gender Representation NOW
Shame: US 92nd in Representation of Women, Less than Afghanistan, Iraq, United Arab Emirates
5050 Gender on Ballots/Women In Exec: Why Do Most of World’s Parties Say Yes but Dempulicans Say No
Count Women’s Paid and Unpaid Labor NOW, Use GPI instead of GDP
More Women Die in Labor in the US than in 39 countres.
Where is the Woman VP?
Wise Women and Men Who Love Them Won’t Vote Dempublican/May Boycott Election
Shame: Most of US and World Poor are Women

Here are facts and links you should incorporate;

At and Simultaneously in Connection with the Philadelphia National Gathering on July 1-4th, the Women of Occupy Started the REAL REVOLUTION WITHIN THE REVOLUTION that are necessary to make the REvolution succeed instead of fail.  They Declared, Read and Uploaded REvolutionary Declarations including:

Gender Parity Now is a Demand/Gender 5050 Representation is a Divinely Endowed Inalienable Human Right
(Executive, Congress and Judiciary Must Have Equal Presence of Women)
It is a Human Right to count the value of both paid and unpaid work/(use the GPI instead of the GDP now)
Balance Family and Work/(The US Must Have Paid Family Leave)
CEDAW and the ERA, updated to allow affirmative action and reparative efforts for women, should have been passed long ago

You can find/watch these Declarations at:
and one to help the Occupy Movement really fulfill its goals at

These demands have been heard and seen by many now, by hundreds of people, women and men, at the FemGa in Philadelphia, and now have reached and are reaching  thousands via the Internet. They are being widely disseminated. Your website should include them.

I and many other and fair men reading it are SHOCKED that the text and poster for Wall St South displayed at reads:

“We say: YES to jobs, housing, healthcare, education, the environment, workers rights and justice, NO to wars, cutbacks, racism and bigotry, and deportations.
This is 2012, and there is clearly a war on women going on. Don’t you think it is a problem that your demands do not also include specifically
YES to full representation for women and minorities

Sexism affects women of all races, and immigrant women, too. That is even more people than all minorities combined. It indirectly effects everyone, men, too, and especially children. Let your website words and pictures show you understand this is so important.

Re: your website section on the March

Your Labor Day Contingents are Currently Listed as:
Unemployed workers
Organize the South! Workers Rights are Human Rights!
No Papers No Fear/Sin Papeles y Sin Miedo (Undocumented/Immigrants Rights organized by the Undocubus)
Housing is a Right! Stop home foreclosures!
Youth and Students
Including Stop the School to Prison Pipeline section
Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad
Including No War/No Warming, anti-drone,  and Free All Political Prisoners sections
Women are doing both paid and unpaid labor which US paradigms are both underpaying/not creditting.
Women give birth to everyliving human being, female and male, in Labor.
Where are the Women Listed? Update the Listing Today, and don’t put women at the bottom, but at the top.

You website lists as participants in the Parade:

“Southern unions, workers organizations, civil/human rights groups, immigrant rights groups, unemployed, young workers, faith and community for a workers speak-out that uplifts our on-the-ground actual workers’ rights struggles in the US South.”
Where does it say women’s organizations? We know Code Pink and other women’s organizations are involved. Why is women’s organizations not included?

The website says:
Here’s a few of the freedom fighters who will be joining us at the March: the ratio of listed  men to women is 9 to 5, not balanced.

You have protested against banks, Duke Energy, and ALEC, both of which are men’s clubs run by dominant male CEOs who don’t include enough women and respect women, who repeated studies shows are the strongest advocates for the common good when present in equal numbers,  as equal partners. Are your protests including that in the issues you address with the men’s club that actually composes US Corporate Dominator “Leadership”? Or is Occupy Wall St almost as gender hierarchical as CEO and ALEC apes?

The Occupy Wall St website says it is based on the Arab Spring:
“We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants.”

Why is US Occupy, with the whole World at Stake, Making the same mistakes made by the so far dangerously failed (though starting up again now, again with many women involved)  Revolution of Tahrir Square?
“Women are now being marginalized not just by the SCAF ( the transitional military council ruling Egypt) or by the Muslim Brotherhood, but by the patriarchal mindset of our society,” says Dalia Ziada”
“the discourse of the political classes and the infrastructure of the elites, including both state and private media, continues to privilege discussions” But even this article from Occupy makes no mention of gender. It reveals the same patriarchal mindset of US society.

500,000 women and men in Egpyt signed petitions for 40% women in office. US Media and even US Occupy ignored that. They should have asked for 5050, what women really deserve, and change would have happened. We are demanding this for them, American and all women NOW. We are copying this to International Occupies, most of which have far more women in office than the US, already.

If you don’t  make these changes now, watching Americans and the world watching America will realize that this group of event planners people learned absolutely nothing from the events of a so far failed revolution in Egypt, are not paying attention to Occupy and all women, and indeed, are mindlessly patriarchal themselves. It is time for a big wake up call to the drifting Occupy Movement in the United States, and especially the ones who planned and advertised the events in Tampa and Charlotte, and throughout September-November, on recognizing the female gender as equally important as the male.

If they can’t wake up now, before allowing Americans to face “elections” and “media” almost as gender failed as those in Egypt, and focus as Revolutionaries befitting a a Labor Day on declaring free fair elections that bring 50-50 office to the  51%, women,  as well as insuring the representation of minorities,  they are intentionally or not,  turning over America’s future to Big Brother, just as surely as Egypt’s thus far ultimately female-compromising “Revolution” was turned over to patriarchal despots.

It is like the weights on a scale. The abdication of responsibility to equally empowering and weighing the female 51%, tips the scales to domination and the abandonment, subjugation, impoverishment and ultimately, extreme environmental endangerment of the 99%, both the 51% female and the 48% male together, on every derivative policy issue, (in fact, the 100%, for even Big Brother will die in the catastrophic events his rule will bring to the Planet Earth.)

The United States, already ranked a low 50% in 2000, now ranks 78th in the world in representation of women, 92nd if you count ties (in the very year that is the 92nd anniversay of women being “granted the vote” by men)
,  has less women in office than Afghanistan, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates, even though many studies have shown critical mass numbers of women in office prevents corruption, protects all human rights, and protects peace and the environment. Full representation of women brings forth a more egalitarian element of men. Women in the US are especially impeded from and disinclined for running for office, because the elections, as designed by generations of men who default to the most dominant in the male hierarchy,  require huge amounts of fund-raising, which only benefits male dominator media CEOs and no one else. Only 6% of media stories deal with equality for women, and almost none with a reality check comparing the gender and election funding situation in the US compared to other kinder nations. 65 nations have publically funded elections including free access to the media for all candidates, another fact that Big Brother media has been willfully censoring from the American public, which is being led by the media like cattle to the slaughter, to accept a pseudoelection that will destroy the Earth.

The fact that someone has noticed that the Occupy Movement has a woman problem is not new.
But it is in accepting and resigning themselves to this problem without fixing it throughout Occupy, and not focussing on the problem that exists in the larger society clearly enough, especially regarding the need for 50-50 in government and media,  that women perpetuated the problem, and inadvertently delayed a real R-evolution, even on the ground in Philadellphia on July 4th, which nevertheless has now begun, in other cities. We did communicate the Women’s and Gender Balance Declarations by phone to several women in Philadelphia on July 4th. So in a sense, they did find presence even in Philadelphia on July 4th, despite the planners’ sins of ommission.

The neglect of this fulcrum issue, that is the root of all issues, from banksterism/foreclosures  to militarism to inferrior healthcare,  to Big Oil, nuclear proliferation, and even the right to protest instead of have arrests and fascism, and so on, has been neglected. Instead every derivative issue has received action, like a blind man who can only see parts of the Elephant but doesn’t understand they are all connected. But the anthropological source issue that connects all issues, the real Elephant in the Living Room, imbedded patriarchy and gender hierarchy, has been mostly ignored.

I am also addending: Your Website Indicates that for
September 4 – 6
Affinity group and other actions will occur. Please address these issues in all affintiy groups and actions held today and tomorrow.

Pressure on the DNC NOW, before and during the Nomination,  is critical ro your press coverage. Millions of people have noticed that they have failed to pick even a woman VP, let alone 5050,  and will vote third party or boycott for that reason, too. Are you saying that when you speak to the press? If not, it is a serious ommission regarding women snd their Labors. Joe Biden works for Mastercard, which has banktupted even more millions of American women than men. For much more information that can be shared with your press people and uploaded to your website.Please convey this to whoever needs to act on it quickly. today, or you are hurting your own cause.

We will not let you continue to ignore this. We will be checking back with your website(s) to see that these issues are dealt with with the seriousness and priority they deserve. Otherwise, Occupy Wall St is actually just as hierarchical and patriarchal as the Dempublicans and Corporations it is protesting. The Revolution.must deal with gender realities as a highest priority, or ir is neither Revolution nor Evolution.

Rajchelle OneFamily Miller

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