Open Letter to Occupy Women and Men on Election Boycott and Gender Parity Declarations

by 5050whatoccupyowestowomen

Open Letter From Election Boycott Sisters and Brothers to ALL Occupy and  OWS Founders about 911, the 9/17 anniversary, and everyday from now until the socalled ” election”.

To: All Women and Men of Occupy

Their Equally Important Sisters, Female Cousins, Mothers & Women Colleagues & Phil Arnone and Kalle Lasn

We actively and urgently exhort the New York,  North American  and Global  Occupy Movement, including its most well known founders, to  stop missing the  Elephant in the Living Room of  nearly lost democracy, in North America, the so far failed US and failing Canada: the lack of equal gender representation  for women,  especially most extremely in  the US government,  and to  achieve, live up to, not reneg on, and meet its own pledge for equality in  decision-making, as the only way it will achieve all its goals  as a Revolution for democracy, and true service to the humanity of the 99% (and transformation of the 1% away from its current self-and-other destructive and  errant path of domination, that will destroy the Earth). by publically advocating an active  Boycott of the US 2012 pseudoelection, its lie-and-deliberately  half-truth telling TV and Radio Media, and a new period of Constitutional Conventions,  especially in the US in 2013, necessary to usher in a dangerously delayed New Millennium, under new paradigms of democracy and peace.

An Elephant in the Living Room is something so big that it is hard to not see, but, at least for a time, everyone doesn’t see it.

The intent of this Open Letter is to be constructive and catalyze a soul-searching on these issues by all Occupiers,  female and male both, to generate  overdue positive change, It is not intended to dismiss the importance or potential of the Occupy Movement, or deny its good intentions. It is given the spirit of mutual respect,  and we hope it will serve a Higher Purpose. It is our belief that  telling truth always brings forth good results. It is the suppression of truth that spells the death knell of any effort,  especially a real Revolution.

In all its most well known Marches and many more daily actions and announcements of reasons for a Revolution , the US Occupy Movement has never once publically  protested the fact that the US  Corporate controlled pseudogovernment, in the 92nd year since 1920 when  an all male Congress “granted ” women the vote that was denied them by the all male so-called founders in 1789,   ranks 92nd if you count ties (78th nominally) in the representation of women/balance of gender, with less women in office than Afghanistan, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. 

Why do so few people talk about it? Because the North American culture itself , which falsely prides itself on world leadership for good, is deeply imbedded, largely because of its media’ s failure to report news on this over a 20 year period,  in regressed habits of patriarchy affecting the interaction of both men and women among themselves and with each other, and most importantly, during the period when Nordic Countries, India, most of Western Europe and many countries in Latin America and Africa were climbing out of partiarchy, the Corporate Media, (we have an open letter to CBS, and will soon add more Open Letters to All Media CEOs) which most people , even many Occupiers rely on for information, deliberately censored this truly Good News, and now has marginalized it in such a way to increase women’s sense of futility and unnecessary gradualism and  disguised its critical importance to attaining democracy and reigning in Corporate Wall St manipulation of US (and Canadian) politics and social, environmental and war culture policies. 

Note: At  the very moment we were composing this letter to OWS, the website of the IPU, the Interparliamentary Union, the sister organization to the United Nations, which keeps the monthly statistics on women’s presence in national legislatures, underwent a sudden and noticeable change: for 20 years, its main page had a clear and prominent link to the ranking page and a database about women’s participation and representation in every country (you can see the old page by searching for at the Wayback Machine, it comes up with,  which is in contrast to the brand new watered down version The whole website has lost its vivid appearance and looks washed out and lacking in resources compared to the old version, which we have uploaded here, and you pretty much have to know the ranking page’s url  already to find it quickly. The IPU is just down the street from OWS in New York.  OWS should ask them to join them in a protest on the Media.

At the 2012 Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia and coordinated with a simultaneous cooperative effort for Washington DC starting at CBS headquarters , women of the Occupy movement Delivered Revolutionary Declarations on Canada Day, July 1st and the 4th of July, that Declared Gender 5050 at all levels of public decision-making office to be an overdue demand/Divinely Endowed Inalienable Human Right,, They also included other related rights to end discrimination against women via an updated ERA and CEDAW, and especially in the counting of paid and unpaid work (i.e . via the use of the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) instead of the GDP), the balancing of family and other work,  and other related rights, such as publically funded elections

The July Declarations, which are both national and global, are  available at:

You can find/watch these Declarations at:

We asked that they be timely posted to the main website, but made them avaiable yesterdavy via the Form, in connection with the meaning of 911.
The Declarations have been circulating on many women’s blogs and websites, and emailed to several thousand people, male and female, and have  already received more support, female and male, than the 1776 Declaration of Independence did when it officially started the Revolution of those times. But we believe these rights are self-evident truths to billions of people,  to all people of justice and peace, and this is the heart of the REvolution for Humanity in these New Millennial Times. These documents together form the basis for a Revolutionary Constitutional Convention in Spring 2013,  and pave the way for a real election to be held in November 2013, to be organized by the people of North America, female and male, of all races, not the controlling hand of Corporations.

It is like the weights on a Scale. The abdication of responsibility to equally empowering and weighing the female 51%, tips the scales to domination and the abandonment, subjugation, impoverishment and ultimately, extreme environmental endangerment of the 99%, both the 51% female and the 48% male together, on every derivative policy issue, (in fact, the 100%, for even Big Brother will die in the catastrophic events his rule will bring to the Planet Earth.) But balance on the Scale bring forth excellent decision-making,  the fulfilmment of human potential and the sustainable peaceful caretaking of the Planet Earth and its future in the Universe.

The US Corporate Media television reaches into the homes of 300 million people for many hours every day, and is the chief agent of $elling the P$eudoelection, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of US Corporate  Patriarchy (until recently when Google also suddenly went into the business of selling pseudoelections – see Open Letter to Google

In all its marches and actions, OWS has never had any let alone a large scale action at a Corporate Media headquarters. We think it is time, necessary for September 17th and overdue. There are many media headquarters located in New York City,  The Black Rock Building of CBS (aptly named for CBS’s one (gender) eyed Cyclopic monster’s black deeds regarding all issue of democracy and particularly the representation of women), and NBC Universal (we will soon have Open Letters for All Media CEOs0 are both excellent, appropriate and overdue targets for the March which carries banners that Say Boycott the Pseudoelection and Signs that Say 5050 NOW on September 17th. Many Media CEOs also serve on the Boards of the very Banks that Occupy has protested. It is time overdue to connect the dots, and focus on the Corporate Media,  particularly television and radio, which is literally daily brainwashing the American people to permanently (as as long as it can last before it destroys the Planet) accept a Corporate Dictatorship via this Pseudoelection.

The Occupy Wall St website says it is based on the Arab Spring:
“We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants.” The Egyptian Revolution included an active boycott of  the Presidential pseudoelection, and a Woman’s Charter for representation. Why is US Occupy, in the country that puts the whole World at Stake, ignoring the model of, and not learning from both the mistakes and the successes of the Revolution of Tahrir Square?

In Egypt, a poor and backward country compared to the US and Canada, a country where many women still wear the Islamic veil (deprived of their ancient Goddess tradition)  and are subject to marriage at age 14, 500,000 women and men signed petitions for the Egyptian Women’s Charter demanding 40% women in office. US Media and even US Occupy ignored that.  Like the women of Rwanda did, Egyptian women should have asked for 5050, what women all over the world really  want and the minimum they deserve after Millennia of abuse and sanctions that kept them out of official decision-making. If they had had enough self esteem and insisted on 5050, change would have happened. We are now demanding this for them, for North American and for all women all around the world (We are copying this to International Occupies, most of which have far more women in office than the US, already.)

Partly because Corporate media suppressed News of the Egyptian Women’s Charter which would have received support from so many in North America had they known about it,  and partly because some of the so-called Revolutionaries were not grasping its importance, the Egyptian Arab Spring Revolution failed for the moment, and a pseudoelection was held and a male religious dominator was elected who is a puppet controlled by even more dominating military men.

But, in part because of the 49% of the people who boycotted the Egyptian  pseudoelection travesty,  the Tahrir Revolution started up again on August 24th,  but will succeed this time only if North American Occupiers do the necessary soul-searching on gender hierarchy, and focus on this gender aspect of Revolution, telling the women of Egypt that by the action of Women of Occupy in America, they now have the right to 5050. They must listen to the words of women and men in Egypt who wanted gender representation and to include a woman President:
“Women are now being marginalized not just by the SCAF ( the transitional military council ruling Egypt) or by the Muslim Brotherhood, but by the patriarchal mindset of our society,” says Dalia Ziada”  A man states his reasons for boycott, including the failure to have woman candidate Bothaina Kamel on the Presidential tickets.

But, as some level, US Occupy has not been listening to the full picture, which includes gender as a primary focus:
“the discourse of the political classes and the infrastructure of the elites, including both state and private media, continues to privilege discussions” But even this article from Occupy makes no mention of gender. Treating  it like the Elephant in the Living Room that cannot be seen or discussed. US Occupy reveals the same “patriarchal mindset of our society” by its sin of omission from including gender hierarchy in the analysis of way the Revolution did not quite make it, (but still can).

NOW,  US Occupy must learn from the Egyptian Election Boycott and follow that good example. Every Occupier, female and male should reach out to  familycommunity, friends and neighbors and be able to say:  Occupiers are recommending the Boycott of the Election, just as the Egyptians did, and achieve even better than 49%, and we know we can do it,  given that 90 million Americans who have had no knowledge of the call to boycott are already saying  spontaneously that they will not vote in this pseyudoelection because it is too corrupt.

But just not voting  alone is not enough for a Revolution. There must be a plan for a new Constitution, just as there was in Egypt, and a TV Media  boycott (via not watching, and  buy nothing that is not a necessity) of the ad-money mad democracy-destroying Media (and if Google does not respond  and Yahoo News do not cover both the gender declarations and minority/majority  balance aspect of the pseudoelection, the Internet corporations as well)  that are $elling it, and a general strike, as Occupy accomplished in Oakland. But all the work must include attention to the lack of representation for women, and other related oppressions occurring in the US, which will very likely be intensified many times over by this pseudoelection no matter which Presidential Candidate “wins”. More details about Why and How to Boycott, and women as well as men (most of whom have written on the gender issues involved in this pseudoelection)  whose links are calling for boycottt,  is available at:

We urge that all  Occupy General Assemblies discuss these ideas and suggested actions, and adopt them now. (Note: We have noticed that for weeks this website comes up on the Google Search Engine when you Google the search term Boycott the Election to Save the Earth, but does not show up when you Google Boycott the Election, which is obviously part of the title, is repeated throughout the website, and it should come up. We think it is possible that because it particularly targets women who are 66% of voters, and minorities, who are another about 25%, who the Dempublicans are particularly herding into the ballot booth to give this pseudoelecton the look of legitimacy, it is being held out of the url cue Google. We have an Open Letter to Google about this, and Google’s Evil and clearly not net neutral decision to suddenly go into politics, and display banners on their Search Page  with links to videos of Romney and Obama’s nomination, something they clearly did not do for Roseanne Barr and Jill Stein when they were nominated, and more

An election boycott will help both Occupy and the regressed US society gain the time it needs to get its house in order on gender hierarchy and other hierarchies that are associated with  it, affecting representation, the core issue of a large democracy.  To fail to do this now, will simply result in the destruction of society and Nature, both, and destroy the Earth. (even the 1% itself).

These issues were aired in emails to the planners of the National Gathering in Philadelphia.  (check back to soon where exerpts from emails sent to Occupy about this will up available).  Again, in Philadelphia  and Simultaneously in Washington DC-Maryland, brave, globally and sacredly informed women shared truly R-evolutionary Declarations that were offered in advance of the Gathering, made available to the planners of the Gathering and could have been discussed and adopted by the entire  Occupy Movement on the ground in Philadelphia, instead of only the Feminist General Assembly, which neverthless did include both women and men in susbstantial number.

Yet,  not even one of these Declarations was read at the July 4th General Assembly at the  Gathering, because the woman who read them at the Feminist General Assembly, (which, again, was attended by enough both women and men to be counted as a General Assembly, and indeed, Feminist General Assemblies arose in the first place because many women in the Occupy movement felt marginalized in too many General Assemblies) was given insufficient support and recognition for this brave and globally important  act, and thus actually suppressed from any real active, timely attention for the larger General Assembly, by the planners and then most attendees of Occupy on the ground in Philadelphia.  No one was even ever told they were being simultaneously announced by a woman occupier in Washington DC-Maryland, who was a central figure in the majority approved decision to make these Declarations for gender parity,  in honor of the Independence Day period Gathering.

Also, not just a few, of those NOT in the official National gathering planning group (who, with no transparency, never even listed first names on the website), but offering input to it in conference calls, realized and communicated the need for the gathering to focus an action on the male corporate dominated conglomerated media, many of the companies which have headquarters in Philadelphia,  the name of which is Greek for Sisterly and Brotherly Love,  not Big Brother. (see list of Big Brothers at including their office addresses. On a planning conference call and with follow up-email, the National Gathering Planners were specifically asked to do an action on Big Media’s, to confront its  failure to tell the stories of publically funded elections and equal office for women that have occurred successfully in many countries around the world, but not in the United States.  (A follow up email was sent to the planning gsoup We will soon upload a copy of this email to this website.) Yet, this input was totally  ignored by the Planners of the Gatherings in Philadelphia, both with no response and no vote on it during conference calls.  Follow-up emails were again sent in time for the March back from Philadelphia  to New York, but were again ignored by the Planners of the March , which could have culminated in a March on Corporate Media, the fourth branch of government which is essentially controlling public understanding of the functioning  of the other three branches,  in NYC as a culmination of the July events, but didn’t.

The situation was just as bad in the work of the Occupy Movement in Tampa and Charlotte for the RNC and DNC. The most obvious Elephant in the Living Room  fact about these Conventions is that they are endorsing all male tickets, after almost 250 years of all male tickets. In addition, the races at all levels of their parties will again at best produce a gender imbalance of 16%/84%, unheard of in other countries. But with one notable and important exception, (the same brave woman who read the Declaration in Philadelphia), as far as we know, not one Occupier carried a sign that said 5050NOW, even though emails reached OccupySouth and involved organizations  about this in plenty of time to remedy the situation before the nomination speeches, and on the websites promoting the event in Charlotte .  Both women and men in the Occupy Movement were complicit in this, ignoring the passionately concerned voices of two Occupy women who attempted to raise the consciousness quickly by phone,  in the name of billions of women who have been unrepresented for thousands of years, but with never any courtesy of a response.

The Occupy Movement has made initial strides to overcome the marginalization of women that has occurred in most decision-making, but there have been some criticism that it has not yet achieved this goal. and

A similar pattern occurred in the Chicago May Day protests, which again, were protests, which unlike Tahrir,  Iceland’s Kitchenware Revolution, and every real Revolution, made no attempt to call for a new Constitution, and ask the present government to resign if it didn’t meet public demands. The May Day protests,  failed to connect that the day falls on Beltane, the ancient May Day Holiday highlighting gender mutuality of a Goddess and God, and although they dealt with labor issues – since May Day is International Labor Day – did not include the now well known gender balanced approach to economics that includes women’s unpaid work, home and community activity of both women and men in a balance of love and work , and the more gender balanced Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI), with a standard for gender representation, rather than the man-only-made Gross Domestic Product Paradigm (GDP)(see

Announcement of the Gender Parity Declarations and why they are so important was sent by emails  to Occupy Wall Street in advance of 911,  with the subject indicating it was time sensitive, and stressing the relationship of gender parity  to preventing all variety of 911 emergencies that grow out of decisions made by mostly one gender. It emphasized the timeliness of posting it on the Main Announcement Section on 911.  It described the Gender Parity Declarations as one of the most important achievements of the Occupy Movement, and  we thought the Press Department would do a press release on it.  They still can. NOW.

When it was apparent that these were not included in the Main Announcements,  in honor of the meaning of 911, we took the step of publishing the announcement at  But in understanding of the  prima facie and self-evident central importance of this issue to people of justice and peace, let it be our public understanding that the essential call for gender parity, and change to economic paradigms that count the paid and unpaid work of all people,  especially women, and an end to all discrimination against women, via a non-violent Revolution, will appear on the Occupy Wall St Website today, and be added to the section which describes the Tahrir Revolution to one that includes not only the technique of non-violence, but includes a call for this time full gender represention, and boycott of on obviously 1% staged “election”.

This was written for the period between 911,  the number to call in an emergency – the anniversary of what happens when one patriarchal gender hierarchical culture attacks another patriarchal gender hierarchical  culture, – and 917, the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Since it aims to protect the 99% from the 1%,  it is high and overdue time that Occupy Wall Street paid attention to the fact that countries that are ranked highest on gender representation and grasp the importance of the 51%,  have the least income inequality, the most peaceful foreign policy, and the best protection of the environment. 

Again, the recent similar  letters sent to both OccupySouth and about Charlotte and the DNC received no action or response, even though we asked that they be shared with everyone at Occupy, and obviously needed that priority of attention. (we will soon post excerpts at

We offer these ideas with great respect for the Occupy Movement and its ongoing potential. If Occupy, which claims it is a Revolution, doesn’t find ways to call for Boycotts of the Pseudoelection (the  website forum received posts about boycotts months ago on February 10 and again on August  26) as other Real Revolutions have done,  and make important changes now to include gender parity and related gender issue to its public agenda now,  watching Americans and the world watching America will realize that Occupy learned absolutely nothing from the revolution in Egypt, other revolutions, and are not paying attention to Occupy women and all women, literally, over half the human race. We have small scale progressive media, and contact with journalists interested in this issue.

This is not a gender blaming effort, We see the problem as an interactive one, including both too many Occupy women as well as men who, imbedded in the US Elephant in the Living Room syndrome, have not been able to see it, and (instead like the blind man and the elephant, have protested every symptom of patriarchal hierarchy without addressing the root cause.  Indeed, whether female/submissive/enabling/co-optation, or male dominator behavior or  just lacking in now required awareness (largely because a controlled media has been censoring global  stories on this for 20 years),

the pattern exists that the actions of Occupy have been missing the male/female gender hierarchy for a year, and have been, like their elder Dempublicans themselves, mindlessly patriarchal instead of egalitarian  on gender. And by the way, this Elephant is not a depiction of the Republican elephant only , but the Dempublican one, that has taken over the Democratic Party leadership, as well. It is the Elephant of One Party that is directly caused by mostly one gender domination, all too often enabled and submitted to as “normal” by too many the other gender, to the detriment of all.

Most people fall into these patterns by accident because of the imbeddedness of patriarchy, but with a little conscious effort and simple resources such as one of the Declarations above, they can be easily overcome, as they have been in other countries.  But the Dempublican Elephants counts on women and men falling into these patterns, and thereby subverting their own freedom, to  fit in  with the habits of domination. Inadvertently , Occupy has done this, by alienating or marginalizing  many women from participation by not attending to the fact that male voices have been heard and heeded more often  than female in too many  GAs,  and not helping Occupiers like peace activist men like Anthony Edward Salter in teaching his “sit down so she can stand up” and other techniques to avoid domination habits. And women have to particularly watch the subtle tendency to subvert their own and other women’s  contributions, as if they were lesser than men’s. 

It is time for a big 911 emergency wake up call to the drifting Occupy Movement in the United States, on recognizing the female gender as equally important as the male, to address the central underlying anthropological cause of the many imbalances in the United States and the world it is attempting to mold into total  domination.

Most Occupiers are young, They are not as entrenched in patriarchal habits as are their Dempublican elders, especially the 1%,  But if they imitate them without awareness, they only feed the very domination process that Occupy was founded to change. We ask that as in Egypt,  the call go forth from Occupy Wall Street to boycott the pseudoelection for a whole host of obvious reasons,  and especially to give all Americans of all parties and generations time to face their gender hierarchy, and bring forth a new Constitution like that of many countries, that incorporate gender and minority representation in their provisions, and the commitment to publically funded elections. If this positive response  to this Open Letter posted to the Occupy NYC and OccupySouth and all Occupy related websites,  Occupy will live up to its claim to be a Real Revolution that saves the  Planet. We think this should be obvious to true Revolutionaries, who say they are modeled on Tahrir, which again achieved a 49% boycott, and did address gender issues and a new Constitution in their agenda.

1, A public  endorsement of the Election Boycott, to be reflected on banners asap,  even for all actions after the emergency date of  911  and definitely for September 17, and all actions between now and the “Election”.

2.Immediate public  endorsement of the July 1-4th Declarations that all call for overdue 5050 Representation,  and other related rights ending discrimination against women and all their work, that recognizes their self-evident and REvolutionary Importance,  as an overdue right for women and men alike, that every study shows protects social programs for all people including children, brings forth peacemaking instead of war in foreign policy,  protects the environment and an end to all the inquities affecting women, including in Occupy itself, and  a commitment to carry signs and give press release that call for 5050 now, and the related rights in the Declarations, starting now between 911 and the 17th, and in all actions and press statements prior to the “election” and until these rights are incorporated in a New Constitution in 2013.

3. We realize that Dempublican and Corporate operatives may certainly attempt to impede you in this. But, as Harriet Tubman, who repeatedly went back into the South to free slaves via the Underground Railroad from the South to New York and Canada, and was hit on the head with a shovel to stop her, and she kept going anyway, we think you will find a way to do this. As another Revolutionary said: “It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees”. This is especially true for women, who have been on their knees for several thousand years, and for men as full human beings,  in defense of the world’s and America’s most unrepresented, and most often poor,  women,who are also trafficked and subject to abuse, and this already pandemic will accelerate further if the US does not achieve gender parity NOW by 2013.

4. A March on the Corporate Media  Headquarters in New York and a warning to all Americans to turn off their TVs between now and November, until all the media misdeeds for 20 years are admitted in Truth and Reconciliation. Although some journalists will comply with orders to not cover this, others will literally give their lives to cover it. It will be the story of their lifetimes, and it will leak out, despite attempts at Corporate Censorship.

5. Ask for allies from the International Community, particularly Europe, both Occupiers and other human rights organizations, who  fear US Corporate Fascism and do understand the importance of balance of  gender in decision-making, and the foreign press.

6. Call Mr. Anders Johnsson of Sweden, Secretary General at the IPU, and Mrs. Najma Heptulla of India, former President of the IPU who still cares about the organizations,  and find out if the IPU is  under pressure from the US and monied regressive patriarchies  to reneg on their 20 year commitment to balance of Gender. Investigate the ominous and sudden change to their main webpage, which now, overnight,  hides the essential focus of their work.

7,  Publish this Open Letter to the Main Website, It will signal a time of soul-searhing in Occupy regarding women, so many who have participated in the Occupy movement, but repeatedly have let themselves and gender issue be marginalized and will honor both those women and men who have attempted to address the Elephant in the Living Room

Evolving from male over female, gender hierarchy – the power over  – instead of the power with, is at the heart of a truly egalitarian Real Revolution of a New Millennium  If  there are any in the Occupy movement, female or male,  who are unprepared to adopt these year long overdue and necessary actions, than they must be assisted to confront their own problem now. We can provide many resources to help them do this. And, they can read


We realize that all Americans are terribly ‘dumbed-down” by the Corporate Media, that even many Occupiers still depend on for “news” and simply did not realize how far behind the US is compared to other literate countries on this issue.  But by not addressing these issues on its website, in all its actions, and in its press releases for a year, Occupy has inadvertently entrenched domination culture in the US, instead of changing it.        

We are also sending copies of this to the email addresses we found for Phil Arnone and Kall Lasn, and ask that they share this with both the women family and colleague Occupiers  in their lives, as well as with women in countries  like Sweden and Nordic Countries, Wales,  and Rwanda, the many countries whose parties have adopted 5050,  and large jurisdictions (such as all the villages of India, serving 800 million people), all the cities of France  and many more. We will be happy to assist you with additional background.

Big Brother may try to stop this, but we think that attempt will backfire. 5050, and an end to the hundreds, indeed thousands  of years of discimination against and domination of women must end NOW.  It is like a litmus test for human Evolution. Every soul is weighed in the balance on this issue. Anyone, male, or female, who cannot openly say 5050NOW and Boycott the Election  and put it on their webpostings and banners at actions has let US media crimes turn them into a 92nd ranking regressed and  Dangerous Women or a Dangerous Man,  Dangerous to Democracy and the Planet Earth at this moment in herandhistory.                

The choice is between the first picture (if New York and the Earth will look even that good without 5050 NOW) , or the second two: