Declaration of Transformation of Occupy General Assemblies to Full Empowerment

by 5050whatoccupyowestowomen

Declaration of Transformation of Occupy General Assemblies to Full Empowerment

The current cofacilitation model of rules for Occupy Wall Street and General Assemblies of the Occupy Movement do call for shared 2 person Assembly Co-facilitation of consensual and democratic voting decision-making, but, unlike the Green Party, which has generally instituted gender balanced meeting co-facilitation by one female and one male for many years, the Occupy Movement has missed this reparative and democratically necessary feature thus far for its General Assemblies. We and others urge the Occupy Movement around the world to institute a clear gender coleadership model to facilitation of its General Assemblies, and also seek out minority coleaders and participants for presence equal to their presence in the local population. General Assemblies should also discuss and consider options such as “stand down so she can stand up” and/or a live or later outreach telecommunication connection to women and minorities if needed to insure gender balance and minority representation in GAs. In addition, the roles of Stack and Timekeeper at GAs should also be gender balanced.

Note: This should not be interpreted to deny the need for female coleadership and female majorities (and these should seek out minority presence) at Feminist GAs or Female Caucuses, which are a necessary adjunt and reparative empowerment of women, and their work actually then contributes to and produces better results at the whole gender balanced community General Assembly

Occupy Financial Operations shall use a concept of complementary or accompanying community currency in all transactions, using a currency based on the Genuine Progress Indicator, which includes the value of unpaid work in the home and community and to protect the environment and peace, which is disproportionately done by women, and indicator of balance of gender in decision-making, and these shall be eventually merged into a reminder tender of balance and planetary interconnection, which actually eliminates the need for actual money, and allows all to share real wealth, instead of the false hoarded wealth, which is an illusion that resulted from gender and related false hierarchies, that did not include the work of women, especially, the work done in family and community by both women and men, and value of Nature. All this tender can depict the Tree of Love and Life with the Earth at the Center and surrounded by other Planets and stars, female and male faces of all races, and bear the words, In the Universal GoddessGod We Trust. And/or for convenience, in the US, where the currency currently only shows a white male patriarchal hierarch, it can simply be transformed by doing a drymark strike out mark over the hierarch’s picture, and on each side depicting a female and male simply (the circle with cross and the circle with arrow). and draw cashiers attention to this. Checks can have the words “Use the GPI instead of the GDP” in the Memo. Electronic Transactions should be accompanied by the words “Use GPI instead of GDP” in the email address, and Credit Card Corporations should be Invoiced using techniques such as