Especially for Men: Are You Declaring 5050NOW, or are You A Dangerous Man?

by 5050whatoccupyowestowomen

Dangerous Men (Why Some Men  Endanger the World including themselves, by Failing to Speak Up for Women’s Overdue 5050)
Viewpoints of Progressive and Independent Men (and Women Who Love Them)

Many places on Earth already have 5050, protecting women, families and children and men themselves, justice, the environment and peace on planet already endangered by millennia of domination culture. The world will very soon self-destruct without it.  Why do some men hesitate and fail to speak up for it?

This is A Section of the Whole Gender Hierarchy Reality that Endangers Earth,
which are to both be read as a suite: Dangerous Men, Dangerous Women

Thus, There is a companion webpage to this one, called Dangerous Women
The situation is interactive. Both genders, some wittingly, some unwittingly perpetuate patrarchy, Perpetuating Patriachy Now, instead of Partnership and Gender Parity, is the greatest and most Immanent Threat to the Planet Earth

“Patriarchy has no gender.”
― Bell Hooks, Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom

Although they don’t like to admit it, many women believe that many men don’t love and respect them as equals. This causes severe psychological problems in women,\r which in turn, actually endangers men, and children as well. You can read about these problems in women at: You have a special responsiblity NOW to help women overcome generations of second class citizenship and societal status, in order to save the Earth.

\b US “Leaders” and “Followers” with Various Levels of (Terminal?) Internalized Primative Patriarchy

Men have a special responsibility to help this situation, or they become almost like slave-owners who failed to realize the need to voluntarily free their slaves, and also blind to what is in their own and their children’s best interest. http”// Unlike Rajiv Gandhi, Lionel Jospin, Oscar Arias, Rhodri Morgan, Desmond Tutu (who has publically called for a REvolution, especially by women), every Swedish and Nordic leader, Jose Zapatero, Bernard Lietaer, and other well known male leaders, neither Obama nor Biden nor Bill Clinton (and not even Hillary and Michelle and the 16% women Senators and Congresswomen, who are deeply imbedded in being puppets of Corporate Patriarchy/Oligarchy, have ever once mentioned the urgent overdue need for gender 5050 in government, or even publically addressed the current rank of the US on women\rquote s representation compared to other countries as a problem, which is, in the 92nd year since men “granted” women the vote, 92nd if ties are counted (78th), less than Afghanistan, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates). 16% tokenism and patronizing empty promise pandering is not balance: Unlike Nordic and African Countries, Spain and France and others, not even the Cabinet has anything near 5050! These 10 men of the Cabinet Timothy F. Geithner, Leon E. Panetta, Eric H. Holder, Jr. Kenneth L. Salazar, Thomas J. Vilsack, Shaun L.S. Donovan, Ray LaHood, Steven Chu, Arne Duncan, Eric K. Shinseki don’t seem to think anything is missing, with only 4 women, Rebecca Blank, who is a temporary appointment only, Hilda L. Solis, Kathleen Sebelius, and Janet A. Napolitano. And unlike many countries, there is no Minister of Women, Families and Children, at all). Geithner in particular was criticized for his recommendations of bank bailouts, and there are still no caps on the salaries of US CEOs, even though Obama once promised that in his first State of the Union address but was induced to forget it, let alone efforts to credit the value of women’s unpaid work, as Canada, and many other countries did and are exploring doing, including switching to the GPI instead of the GDP. (Obama made no mention of the fact that the US was 92nd in gender balance in his State of the Union address; apparently, he didn’t think it was important).

This is occurring while the US Census Bureau reports that 17 million women make up the majority of the US poor (the number of poor people as a whole is also at its highest level for 52 years) in the US,–publications/reading-between-the-lines.pdf and worldwide, 70% of the poor are women. Wome are underpaid for paid work compared to men, and far worse, the majority of women’s work which is unpaid goes without any credit in the use of the outmoded GDP instead of tje GPI (Genuine PRogress Indicator, which does count unpaid work, and stewarship of nature, and other issues related to valuing the feminine equally with the masculine), Unpaid work is perhaps the biggest contribution that women make to the economy. In Canada unpaid work is estimated to be worth up to $319 billion in the money economy or 41% of GDP; globally the numbers skyrocket to $11 trillion US. Most unpaid work in Canada, the US and around the world is performed by women. In Canada, the 1996 Census was the first to collect data on unpaid workJapan, Australia, Mali, Morocco, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Palestine, Cuba, Ecuador, and many European countries, but not the US, have designed or undertaken surveys, but there is probably no longer a need for such surveys when the situation is obvious, unpaid work it hugely valuable, but totally uncredited by mostly male governemments and financial models still in use, causing millions of women who do a great deal of work, to live in poverty. Domestic violence in Canada, for example, is estimated to cost some $1.6 billion per year, while for the United States, the losses are as high as $67 billion and 1 in 4 women has been a victim of domestic violence by spouse or boyfriend, with 2 million injuries from domestic violence a year. The situation at the “bottom” is connected to the situation at the “top”, and the “middle”. If women do not have adequate representation in decison-making, they and all there labors are seen as lessers, and they become victims to poverty and violence.

Other countries clearly have no difficulty in finding qualified women for office, and heeding more of their input. Is this the best American supposedly women-friendly Democratic men of “power” can to toward the 51% of the population is female? Is this the model for men that American men really approve of? And, this trend invites further regression that immanently Endangers the Planet it will be certainly just as bad if not worse under Romney-Ryan, but Republicans will will many Governorships and Senate seats in the “auction” held by the CEO Media, and they are already turning on women. Is this all America can offer man as a model, the status of choosing “the lesser of two evils”? What is preventing America from having a government with men who can share the same level of equality as now many other countries, when many observers feel that the balance of gender in decision-making is the critical balance to save the Earth from social, economic, and environmental collapse and nuclear war? Would gender equality finally end the years of “lesser of two evils”; the culture and media of Corporate Bullies, and finally, bring about The Greater Good, for all men, as well as women, and their children female and male?

At the moment,American men, in large part, must look to Europe and Africa for high ranking political role models on gender partnership and elections. But the safety of the planet Earth and social equity for men is also at stake, in dealing with primative CEOS that are allowed by these politicians to earn 550-2500 times the average man’s wages. Women are men’s best allies in the struggle for universal equality. So, additionally in their own best interest, even men must Demand Gender Parity NOW and Think for Themselves instead of acting like male primatives or lemmings, following both dominant men and dominant but tokenized women over the cliff for the fall from which the Planet will never recover.

Several REvolutionary Declarations wrought by Women (with the help and encouragement of men of the Occupy Movement) have now made it easy to do this.

But, what has caused this crisis and failure in the leadership of American men?

There is a psychological phenomenon called selective inattention:
selective inattention,:
\par the screening out of unwanted stimuli, particularly the part of a message the listener does not want to hear.:

\ Etymology: L, denegare, to negate\ :
an unconscious defense mechanism in which emotional conflict and anxiety are avoided by refusal to acknowledge those thoughts, feelings, desires, impulses, or facts that are consciously intolerable.

Most American men are literate. Most know how to use a search engine on the Internet, and find out what other countries have done. many which put the US to total shame. But what is the selective inattention that keeps millions of Americans from finding this website, and discussing it? What are the psychological and sociological factors of internalized patriarchy that induce and compel them to accept an “election” that that fails at gender equity and poses such obvious and overwhelming threat to half the human race, and indeed, all of it, and All Life on Earth?

Interactively, Internalized and Externally Maintained Patriarchy:

Receptive/Passive Internalized Patriarchy and the Unconsious and Overwhelming need for Missing and/ Powerful Father Figures :
Patriarchy does not necessarily come naturally. Many ancient societies, such as the ancient Minoans believed to be the source of the Atlantis myth, practiced successful gender partnership/egalitarianism and were successful seafaring, agricultural and commercial powers. But Western Culture has practiced patriarchy for many generations, even though there were always elements of equal partnership under the surface. What is undermining the transition to partnership? Many American men grow up in homes where their fathers are so busy working and entertaining themselves with sports in their small amount of free time, that they have little time to spend with children, even sons and especially daughters. Unlike 178 other countries, in the US, there is no family leave for these men, just as there is virtually none for their wives. Where bonding does occur between fathers and sons is often treated as more important than the bonds of the women in the family, and is often done without acknowledgement of emotions, and is done around corporately-owned sports, and often quite corrupt and exploitative politics and business pursuits in which women are missing (but this is normalized and not commented on .) The nuclear family separates men (and women) from contact with extended family. Other men are children of divorce, and separated from their fathers. Obama himself is an example of this. These men grow up father-hungry, and too willing to follow men who they perceive as “powerful” and are unable to hold men accountable for misdeeds, particularly toward their mothers and women, which their younger generations are forced to overlook, at great ‘destruction to their own standards of balance, their awareness of their own and other people’s emotions, and ethics.

Obama’s own father-hunger makes him more manipulable by aggressive CEOs, with whom he seeks to curry approval both emotionally and for campaign funds. In many older generation families, men are seen as more “powerful” than women. Men are further confused by mixed signals from mother’s and sisters who became adjusted or resigned to the status quo, and women’s groups that have lost their way. Such groups, like NARAL, which endorsed Obama over Hillary Clinton, and now, to willing to endorse Obama-BIden. without holding these “powerful” men accountable for even talking about 5050, and European levels of family leave, amidst alarmingly frequent bankruptcies and poverty among women and men both. Unlike independent women who are largely sitting out this election, groups like NARAL give their endorsements even though they know that Obama and Biden work for even more alpha-male CEOs who give little care to underpaying and laying off male and female employees, both. America is more capitalistic than more gender balanced countries of at or approaching 5050 Europe, Canada (whose Senate is 35% female), African (several at 5050) and Latin America, and only in the US do some CEOs earn 550-2500 times the average man’s wages, while in other countries it ranges from 12-50 times, and may countries cap excessive compensation, and tax hoarded wealth more highly. But older generations fathers (and mothers) seldom discuss this with their sons, they simply accept it as “normal”. Polticians, CEOs and sports figures who earn large salaries are frequenlty discussed, but examples of selflessness and ethical behavior, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Paine, Jesus, Prince Siddhartha who renounced great wealth to become Buddha, John Stuart Mill, Frederick Douglass and other men who actively sought equality for women, too, are seldom discussed in hundreds of millions of American families. Many men are deeply uncomfortable with the US greed and domination culture, but in many family conversations, it is treated as “normal”, and encouraged to passively follow leaders who accept and/or promote it.

Men are subtly encouraged to think of male privilege as a birthright, of inequality as normal and as an inevitable fact, or something that women will change one day, but that change has nothring to do with them Once they accept this at these times on Earth, they become Dangerous Men.

Problems in their Relationship to their Own Mothers that make them either reject/abuse women or overidealize Titular Women Tokens without full equality for women :
Because we have been and are still living in patriarchy instead of balance, many mothers, and feminine traits of nurturing and empathy are perceived by children to be less important than mastery and independence, traits associated with men. Some men have overintense and conflictual relationships with their mothers, in part because their fathers were either absentee emotionally, or undermined their mother’s authority. Nevertheless, male children need and love their Mothers. Men love their sisters, and marry women who they love. But they may learn emotional distancing to cope with the comlexity of women living within patriarchy. But often even these women are so overwhelmed by the thousands of years of patriarchy and some resigned to it, they accept women leaders that are resigned to it, and they do not know how to ask men for help in their struggle, and if they do, are sometimes undermined by fathers, brothers (often older brothers) and uncles (and in some cases mothers and aunts) who are habituated to patriarchy instead of partnerhip. To help their mothers, sisters and wives attain equality, including real family leave that would allow them to spend more time with children and husbands at critical periods, and help the men of their families show greater involvement and empathy for women’s issues and strengths, men need resources of other men who are doing the work of building a more equitable world for both genders. Such resources do exist, and are worldwide, (see below) but they are never talked about by politicans, CEOs or in Corporate Media. Men sometimes, not only have to challenge father figures, but also some mother figures, on their habituation to patriachy. Some men have mothers who give their sons male preference over their own daughters, the mens’ sisters. Men have to call attention to this if it is happening, and tell their sisters and mothers they are both needed to work together for gender parity NOW, and recognize their own and all women’s importance, in a context of full pairity.

Active Identification with the Aggressor
Some men become so eager to please “powerful father figures” while distancing emotionally from mothers who they perceive as weak, that they learn techniques of domination, conning, control, manipulation and exploitation that they use not only on women, but with each other. Corporate CEOs and Republican leaders who evidence this pattern most obviously are nevertheless enabled by Democratic men, who are still somewhat tolerant with boys-will-be-boys-gender domination, but less markedly than Republicans/top Dempublicans. Dempublican men like the Bill Clintons (the son of a bigamist and the step-son of a wife abuser) and John Edwards, and all the “we’ll protect you from the Republicans” top Dempublican men who couldn;t find a woman, (it didn’t need to be Hillary), in 2000, 2004, 2008 and now in 2012, are the seductive unfaithful boyfriend-husbands that keep the “men-are-more-powerful-and-important-so-we-don’t ever-talk-about -5050-game on women in place, while Republicans are the active rapists of all women’s rights, and the Corporations rape the earth. Both these types of men are profoundly destructive to women, even their privileged wife tokens, and are very close to having lost their souls entirely, and are becoming more and more like each other. While Men who are in this game are so taken with the game that they do not notice they are destroying thieir whole society, the economy of most citizens, the lives and futures of their children, and the environment. They use extreme selective inattention and denial to avoid facing these consequences of their behavior. The aim of this game is win-lose, not win-win. You can read more ot their names on the CEO database at afl-cio. They control the mostly enabler men of both political parties, because they are willing to play their game by keeping out 5050 with women, who studies show are, in part because of differences in brain structure and hormone balance, less ego driven, and oriented to the general good/less corruptible, and more collaborative, better at peace, and protection of the environment, and when present in sufficient number, lead men in this direction as well, As a more primative animal, these men have trouble finding the turn off switch. They don’ t seem to understand that their imbalance is causing an unsustainable social, economic and enviromental situation of immanent collapse, in which all they can hope for is to “die on top” while they kill everyone else. \b0

Most men, especially men under 60, although somewhat comfortable with male privileges that they enjoy, are positive about equality for women, and many actively want them as coleaders. The key element for men to help women, save peace, save the environment, save the economy and create a future for children is to share decision-making and familycommunity life knowing that women are a bit different then men, but indispensable to them and the balance of the world. Let the women in your life know that you have read and contacted the following resources for men, (also listed with more general gender balance resources, at: Song by John Lennon.
Woman is the nigger of the world
Yes she is…think about it
Woman is the nigger of the world
Ted Rall’s Goldilocks and the Two Parties, posted for Women’s Equality Day, August 26, 2012 Shouldn’t every day be Equality Day by now? Mark. E. Smith’s Lanova Messiah.
and filmaker of Shackles: Womankind Unchained
Europrofem Site with links to many profeminists men’s groups worldwide
American Pro-feminist Men; still lacks specifics about gender balance in office compared to European and International sites.
The granddaddy of recognizing women’s importance to men and the world.
Raymond Lloyd Bring Gender Balance to England
White Ribbon Campaign in Canada \par
Domestic violence in Canada, for example, is estimated to cost some $1.6 billion per year, while for the United States, the losses are as high as $67 billion.\par
Gender relations are multi-dimensional, interweaving relationships of power, economic arrangements, emotional relationships, systems of communication and meaning, etc.;\par
For the first time in its history, the Commission on the Status of Women, in its forty-eighth session in March 2004, will consider the role of men and boys in achieving gender equality as one of the two thematic issues.–en/index.htm XY is coordinated by Michael Flood, with occasional assistance from a pool of volunteers.\ has good section on men’s groups and resources\
We must not and indeed cannot speak of the importance of gender in peace and security without acknowledging that men and boys must be a \ part of its construction a href=””>
A Book Which Explains how, quite simply, Patriarchy, the hierarchy instead of the Partnership of the Genders, is the underlying Root of All Evil Dominator Males who are Destroying the Earth by Delaying and Subverting Gender Balance in Government and Boardroom and in Economic Paradigms Their salaries dwarf and are eating up yours and everyone elses, and it is even worse for women. Their “success” will be to kill the Earth but die “on top”.
Douglass was an ardent women’s rights activist, and was chosen as her runningmate by first US woman candidate for President, Victoria Woodhull Thomas Paine on women, If Paine, who really started the US with Common Sense, had written the Constitution, women would have had the vote and full representation in office earlier than 1789.

For additional extensive links, including links to both women’s and men’s websites, visit Almost none of this information is on the Corporate Media. The media, run by men like Leslie Moonves, Robert Iger, Stephen Burke, Jeffrey Bewkes, Brian Roberts, Rupert Murdoch, and others, sells men beer, cars, insurance, prescription drugs and half truths and misinformation, but denies them and their families democracy and a livable Earth. These Media CEOs, who have destroyed the Fourth Branch of Government by their gender imbalance and purposely ignoring any report of worldwide progress on the issue that put the US to complete shame at a rank of 92nd, have contact information listed at the bottom of “ The Page also has contact information for journalists dealing/not dealing with this world’s most immanently dangerous imbalance. For their profound sins of ommission for the past 20 years on the issue, Dominant Male Run Media CEOs and Editors are the World’s Most Dangerous Men

The following make statements to men that are critically relevant at this Hour of Midnight on the Planet Earth Garden of Good and Evil:\par Friom
The Rio de Janeiro MenEngage Declaration
“We are outraged by the pandemic of violence women face at the hands of men, by the relegation of women to second class status, and the continued domination by specific groups of men of our economies, of our politics, of our social and cultural institutions. We know that among women and men there are those who fare even worse because of social class, religion, language, physical differences, ancestry and sexual orientation. We also know that many men are victims of violence at the hands of other men. As we acknowledge the harm done to too many women and girls at the hands of men, we also recognize the costs to boys and men from the ways our societies have defined men\rquote s power and raised boys to be men. Too many young men and boys are sacrificed in wars and conflicts for those men of political, economic, and religious power who demand conquest and domination at any cost. Many men cause terrible harm to themselves because they deny their own needs for physical and mental care or lack health and social services.”

From “The feminist transformation of society is a revolution-in-progress. For nearly two centuries, we men have met insecurity by frantically shoring up our privilege or by running away. These strategies have never brought us the security and the peace we have sought. Perhaps now, as men, we can stand with women and embrace the rest of this revolution\emdash embrace it because of our sense of justice and fairness, embrace it for our children, our wives, our partners and ourselves. Today, we men are also coming to realize that gender equality is in our interests as men; that we will benefit from gender equality. That gender equality holds out a promise of better relationships with our wives, with our children and with other men. Nearly a century ago, an American writer wrote an essay called “Feminism for Men.” Its first line was this: Feminism will make it possible for the first time for men to be free”

Which do men want? A lasting REvolution where all people find happiness, peace and freedom,or the end of the Planet of the Apes? OR FAR WORSE. The choice is Up to You NOW.

1\b . Spread the REvolutionary Declarations that were drafted by women of Occupy, but actively supported and encouraged by men, too, that demand gender parity/5050 gender balance.:
You can also read the Declarations at:
and one to help the Occupy Movement really fulfill its goals at
2. Join others in Holding a Constitutional Convention in 2013 that is Gender Balanced (and minority representative) and income representative
3. Join other men as well as women, Independents and Progressives and Boycott the “Election” (this is very hard for many more equality-seeking liberal and progressive men, particularly minorities, because they are so afraid of Romney-Ryan that they don’t face that the “election” will bring in so many Republicans as Governors and Senator, elected by a media ill-informed electorate, that, as in Wisconsin, Corporations will rule, their rights will be destroyed anyway, no matter who “wins” the Presidential race. Don’t engage in selective inattention and denial about this. Prepare yourself well in advance for active marches, sit-ins, renunciations of the election, consumer boycotts and strikes, especially if (we believe, when) Romney “wins”. Several men who are boycotting the election have written essay that center on women’s situation
Ted Rall’s Goldilocks and the Two Parties
Mark E. Smith’s Lanova Messiah
Bahram Maskanian’s Success or Failure, Maskanian is an ardent gender equality activist and environmentalist warning about our assault on Mother Nature,
and also the Founder of the Venus Project
and filmaker of Shackles: Womankind Unchained
As are and have many others Maskanian is also explicitly calling for a Constitutional Convention to bring real equality to women and everyone in the US. Many women are also deciding to Boycott the Election: Terri Lee who started it all, Rajchelle OneFamily Miller, Kate of Kate Will Revolt, Rita Winter and many others
4. Turn Off You Television, and email journalists, both female and male, you will not watch any TV until they individually and collectively cover the need for gender parity, minority and income fair representation NOW, for this “election”, which immanently Endangers Planet Earth
5. Make calls to Media CEOs offices and tell them that as far as you are concerned, they are fired, and owe Truth and Reconciliation
Send them, and any corporate creditors Invoices for what they owe you, all women, all fair men, all children, and the world.
Contact Information for both 5 and 6 is available at The page has facts which you can use in your letters of protest, firing and demands for Truth and Reconciliation.
If You are in an Occupy, Occupy a Media headquarters, with pots and pans protests, and candlelight vigils
6. Reduce spending and engage in a consumption boycott of anything but necessities until gender parity and public funding of elections is achieved. If you engage in a March or protest, put “5050 Representaton” and “Free Elections” on your sign.
7.If you are married and your wife (or your mother or sister) thinks either the Republican or Democrats are OK, give them a copy of: and warn them clearly that accepting this lack of women in the “election” will cause economic collapse, environmental collapse, famine and eventually world war.
8. Guard yourself against any tendencies to delay or undermine women and men who are working on gender parity. Support anyone, male or female who is working on gender parity. Gender Parity is the only way to Save the Earth.
9. Remember that family work balance and economic indices like the GPI are also gender balance. Print out and use Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) symbolic money that you use with every transaction, and/or use drymark, cross out the once but no longer acceptable lone male pictured on it, write a female and male signs next to the picture of the male Presidnet on every bill. Tell the cashier why and tell them to show their employers, and tell them you are engaging in a consumption slowdown until gender parity/5050 gender balance is achieved
10, Kindly but firmly temporarily Retire as Emeritus (tell them you do not feel they are leading the way women in Europe and Africa are and this is not acceptable) Women (and fire/resign Men) Leaders and Journalists who don’t focus on gender parity NOW. Find leaders for these times/become one yourself, ready to focus on gender parity NOW, and if you publically advocate 5050/gender parity NOW, call yourself a Co-President or Co-Secrerary General.
11.. Learn about the Goddess, as she is emerging in Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, native and Earth religions, and has always existed as a Partner to God in Hinduism, and tell the women in your lives that they have strong aspects of the Goddess, embody the Statue of Liberty, and you will be among the men who care about women are also blessed by this Aspect of the Almighty, the One GoddessGod of Presence and Process in Balance and Interaction

\b For a More Concise Version of
Eleven Reaons Why to Boycott\b0 :
and Eleven Ways How To Boycorr\b0 :